Men, Women, and Girl Singers


Men Women and Girl Singers: My Life As a Musician Tuned Talent Manager – John Levy’s life story written for him by his wife, Devra Hall, with a Forward by Quincy Jones, is depicts the journey of a young man encouraged to find security in a Post Office job who opted instead for a life in jazz. He became a sought-after bassist with George Shearing and Billie Holiday among others, and then  a personal manager representing dozens of  jazz luminaries including Cannonball Adderley, Freddie Hubbard, Wes Montgomery, Joe Williams, and Nancy Wilson. Published in soft-cover by Beckham Publications Group, 2000. ISBN 0-931761-74-3

“John Levy is a well-placed figure in the days and nights of big-time jazz….”Men, Women and Girl Singers: My Life as a Musician Turned Talent Manager,” is brimming with anecdotes and insight because this is a guy who was there.” — Tony Gieske, The Hollywood Reporter

“Devra has been my best friend and confidant for more than 20 years now. If anyone knows me, she does. She has given me the gift of her words and she has used those words, unselfishly, to communicate my thoughts, my memories, and my life – from my perspective. So while I did not dictate these pages, what you have here is truly my autobiography.” — John Levy

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